AGL Discs Alpine Hemp Magnolia Mid Range

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These Alpine Hemp have slight dome to them!

This disc is the epitome of a controllable mid! We have some that are more flat, and some more domey. The flat are great for forehands while the domey are awesome for those big backhands. They have the perfect stability and can hold almost every line you put on it. 

Flight Numbers : 5 | 5 | 0 | 2 

The Alpine plastic is our premium recycled polyethylene blend that is comparable to most other companies' high end polymer blends, but remember - ours is recycled! We can and have done some more rare recycled blends mixed in with our Alpine; such as a strong Nylon polymer which we called Tundra (as it has a blue hue), and a very durable Acrylic polymer which we called Polar (as it was white and didn't take to too many colors).